Why Do Men Get Angry

Published: 31st August 2009
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You know that some males very possibly feel worthless, guilty and ashamed. The reasons to them actually are quite different: some of them are due to the memory from childhood to adulthood occurrences; some from real reasons to just subconscious reasons. The failure makes them frustrated then angry with themselves. Usually they take the rage and anger out on those who get very closed with them. It sounds strange but it is the fact that people like to show their their anger to someone they love. The behavior borders and sometimes enters a state of depression. Some men can not refrain from their anger so when asked why he reacts in that bad way, they just have no idea.

I do believe that the stored up anger in men is from the severe frustration and bad experience during growing up especially in childhood . The cycle theory, consisting of some form of tension building stage, then the explosion stage, then the honeymoon stage, is just one of many theories around today. But did you ever feel that when someone holds in his bad emotion and tries to control them, the tension will be built soon . Observing the release of these suppressed emotions seems to verify that the anger release is not in direct proportion to the event that precipitated the explosion.

It is very easy to understand the honeymoon stage. When he really made a mistake then he tried to make up for this inappropriate behavior, buys flowers, takes her to dinner and swears it will never happen again. But many times this will happen again and again. What he should do is beg her forgiveness.

Sometimes you can look man as a pressure-cooker . It will explode up with too much pressure in it. Men who are rational enough can release the pressure by the release valve. Other who can not hold back will explode. But you could try because the solution to the pressure cooker problem is the exact same for you or your loved one. The smart way is to release the tension slowly as it builds up. But they will think they are not strong or not real man if they show their emotion easily. So sometimes it is difficult for them to do that.

Men's struggling with the problem of buried feelings could be another result of not letting emotion come out. Believe or not they almost can not realize because these feelings are hidden so well and buried so deep. You almost can look them as robots . Some men have broken out of this trance through some form of trauma caused by like a life-threatening event (car accident, air crush, near drowning, work-related accident), or losing something important. In fact this kind of psychological condition is potential harm to their beloved and themselves. Not only allows anyone in this big wall he is hiding behind, but also makes themselves be prisoners that he cannot get out.

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