Wise to open the Burberry store now?

Published: 29th July 2009
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It is an exciting news that Burberry opened the largest store in the South East Asia regio on July 22.This is the sixth Burberry store opened in Singapore.It is located in ION Orchard which is the shopping center for art,architecture,and luxury.The store carries a full range of ready-to-wear for both menswear and womenswear from the Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Lifestyle, Burberry Sports and Burberry Childrenswear collections.The Burberry accessories collection,such as bags,jewellery,shoes as well as fragrance, timepieces and sunglasses are also available in the store.

Burberry is a trademark in the fashion industry.The celebs love Burberry,especially the Burberry bags.While Burberry apparels,shoes,jewellery,fragrance and sunglasses are also what the celebs pursue most.Frankly Burberry is a luxury which is familiar to the plebs.However Burberry products are not affordable to most of the folks.For example a Burberry bag costs at least $1000.The amount of money is not acceptable to everyone.To some degree it is luxurious to buy Burberry products.

What's more the global economy is in the tank.Although several government take measures to recover and develop the economy,the result is not so optimistic as what they want.It is trendy that luxurious designer bags retailers have launched campaigns to promote the sales of the designer bags by reducing the market prices.Prada is just one of them.Singapore has been effected by the financial crisis since last year.Many people lost jobs or could not find a job again.The rate of the unemployment is increasing.Are they able to afford the expensive Burberry now?

It is safe to say that the luxury and fashion industry is frustrated by the arrival of the financial crisis.On the other hand five stores have been opened in the country.Can it be said that the five Burberry stores can not meet the demands of the Singaporeans?Of course not.Usually the opening of the store is related with the commercial benefits.ION Orchard is the new shopping and commercial center.This appeals to the opening of the luxury stores.While I wonder the commercial benefit is as charming as what has been expected.Does the opening of the new store help to recover or even develop the economy?Who can ensure the store is successful?I don't think so.It is risky to open another store to increase the sales.In some way it is a waste of money.

It is not wise for Sigaporeans to set a new Burberry store in the country when the economy is at the lowest point.What do you think of?

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